The LiveLinux project is frozen until further notice! (~August 2013) Thanks for sticking with the project!

Latest Release

This is Zephyr. 

 LiveLinux Zephyr is the first major release of LiveLinux (version 1). It will be based from GNOME 3 (Ubuntu) and will feature a rich variety of programs chosen for their ease of use and ones which are quite good. We will also plan to feature some of our own modifications and apps to the distribution.


Zephyr is scheduled for release in 2012. 

Latest News

13/12/11 - Christmas is nearly here, and we have a new website prototype to boot! 

20/10/11 - GNOME 3.2 Has released! Go get it! 

09/07/11 - Facebook Connect is now working again.

26/03/11 - LiveLinux is now being referred to as a Desktop Composition rather than a Linux Distribution now. Massive reboot of the project begins, with a new logo. See the news page.

26/07/10 - Are you liking the new homepage? Please send your comments on the forums page.

 31/05/10 - We need more people to login via Facebook to get the application on the directory.
                - LiveLinux X1 developer is uploading to SourceForge. NOTE: This will only run on 64-bit PCs.

20/04/10 - You can now log into LiveLinux using Facebook and vice versa.

Work has been restarted on LiveLinux X1.




Our Aims

  • To create a good linux.
  • To update the linux regulary.

We Need Your Help!

Do YOU have skills that will help with LiveLinux? If so, please volunteer by joining the LiveLinux community. Registration is free. Click on REGISTER on the sidebar on the right. Thanks!

 And even if you don't have skills you can still help by giving suggestions. Please enter the quick survey.

Coding team
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Update managers
Package team
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Voice command team

If you want you can be added to the list of credits when someone installs the OS!


Create Website.
Start producing Linux.
Finish Linux.