Better than perfect.

Why? - LiveLinux's team of developers (maybe including YOU! ) are creating a wide range of useful and clever programs, that will maximize your Linux experience. Currently we are developing an internet browser that runs alongside Mozilla Firefox (codenamed LLTurbo ), an office and productivity suite that runs on (codenamed LLCalibreOffice, including an all-new publishing program) and an email program (codenamed LLPostBox).

Not just an operating system.

LiveLinux is not an operating; it is a desktop compilation. We do not create the kernel, we create the applications that run inside it or carefully choose the other applications from a fine-picked rane of the best open source software. We aim to run our composition on GNOME 3.x and will still cost no money for the end user to download.

Can you speak different languages?

LiveLinux aims to be accessible to most people. One of the main ways is distributing LiveLinux in different languages. If you can speak different languages please sign up to this LiveLinux website, message me on the website and if there isn't a site in that language I will give you permission to use the pictures and text on this site to create it in another language. Thanks!